Risk Management for Construction:
create a risk management plan to minimize project risk and improve project management

Risk Management Software: RiskMP

Simple and easy to use software that guides you through the process of creating your risk management plan for your construction project. The built in tutorial leads you from defining and identifying risk through to creating professional reports for management.

Integrated with MS Project and Excel

Integrated with MS Project and Excel, this allows you to import current information to develop the plan, manage risk throughout the project lifecycle, and communicate with the team.

Create a Knowledge Database

The ultimate goal is to allow you to share your Lessons Learned, improve business practises, and manage new projects by data, not speculation. The knowledge database that is created after a few typical projects becomes an invaluable business and training tool for your company.

RiskMP™ Risk Management Software

A tool to manage risk within construction projects

Project Management

Risk management is a cornerstone of good project management practise. RiskMP is a tool that make risk management a simple, efficient process, from estimating through to project completion.

This easy-to-use software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project and your project plan.

RiskMP allows you to

  • Create, Print, Share your Risk Management Plan

    Professional reports are produced at the press of a button. Sharing is easy. Communicating a risk management plan has never been easier. Featuring efficient updating and tracking tools to save you time.

  • Identify and Quantify Risks and Create a Knowledge Database

    An experienced project manager understands where the risk or uncertainty will be. Use RiskMP to systematically identify and quantify risks including probability, expected cost and impact, and automatically prioritize. Once a risk is identified, the risk library becomes available for all other projects.

  • Track and Monitor Risks as the Project Changes

    Which risks are imminent? What needs attention now? As the project changes, risks change. This automatic tool will automate tracking and monitoring. Because it works on a tablet or iPad as well as in your office, your site super can easily communicate changes. Project tasks and risks can be sent to email, gmail, and Outlook.

  • Communicate Risks with Management, Owners, GCs, Subs and the Project Team

    The Executive Summary highlights current risk management status and allows you to communicate key features of your construction project with senior management. Reporting features make communication with the project team easy. The press of the print button gives you the current risk content for your PM meeting.

Risk Management for Construction

What do your new PMs need to know?

This is the most important benefit of the whole risk management process according to our clients. These construction companies and architectural firms have used RiskMP to share the wealth of experience from past projects with newer personnel.

Why do we repeat problems across so many projects?

A risk review prior to beginning the project and storing lessons learned in a searchable database will address these issues. Construction best practises include Risk Management.

Our story

After years of using MS Project and Primavera to plan and track construction projects, and using spreadsheets to fill in that other information, the uncertainties, we realized that there had to be a better way! If Project Management could be improved with MS Project, then software could help the Project Manager manage risk.

We developed RiskMP in consultation with our clients, General Contractors, Trades, and Architects. In 2014, we released version 1 to the world. It’s come a long way since then. RiskMP now integrates with both Project and Excel, has a tutorial for leading you through the risk management process, has a streamlined lessons learned system, and works on a smartphone.

A tool to manage risk within construction projects

RiskMP helps you communicate risks and uncertainties to the whole project management team, easily see what issues are coming up, plan ahead and put contingency plans in place. Tracking and monitoring features keep it all together and facilitate management.

Seamless integration with MS Project ensures that you have the best project plan in place and are working from the best information. It allows site personnel to communicate with office as site conditions change.

Plan better, manage smarter with RiskMP


ESCTT Inc. has been setting the bar in providing superior, cutting-edge technological training and solutions to the construction industry since 1997. Through our Canadian Construction Association/Gold Seal accredited seminars, we help construction associations, companies, and individual contractors to execute best practices and enhanced productivity and performance.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of offering our seminars, both on-site and in-class, to the Calgary Construction Association, the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association, the Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Hamilton, GVCA, VRCA, VICA, and numerous other associations and companies.


A tool to manage risk within construction projects

  • Analyze and Quantify

    Organize, analyze and Prioritize identified risks using the latest risk management tools and processes.

  • Seamless Integration with MS Project

    Import your project plan and begin tracking. Complete synchronization is easy.

  • Communicate

    Project Risks, Response Plans, Costs, Opportunities in a series of clear simple reports at your fingertips.

  • Go Mobile

    Accessible via tablet or desktop, 3G or WiFi with no extra setup requirements.

  • Transfer your expertise

    The experienced PM spends a lot less time and faces less risk. Transfer that expertise to the whole team.

  • Identify

    A tool to identify project risks, and to track and monitor risks through the project lifecycle.

RiskMP: The Next Step in Project Management

A tool to manage risk within construction projects

Next Step

Any construction project can face multi-dimensional challenges. The project schedule is delayed, penalties are imposed and opportunities are missed. Risk management is a tool to meet project objectives. Project deliverables can be clearly defined, but failure to consider risks can result in derailing of the project. Risk management will help keep your project on track. It will minimize your exposure to financial loss and help you to deliver on schedule and within budget. That means satisfied clients and a solid reputation for your business. Risk management lets you stay ahead of the game.

Software Tool

RiskMP is an advanced, fully-featured web application that provides you with the tools to identify, analyze, mitigate and respond to risks. RiskMP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project, so you can easily export projects to RiskMP with just a click. Top priority risks, imminent risks and severe risks are presented in a single page format along with mitigation plans and costing information. Graphs convey the gist of the risk profile through the course of the project. The clean layout allows for easy communication of the imminence of each risk. And because the status of a project can change from day to day, RiskMP makes it easy to synchronize and update with one click.

Work better, together

Our goal is to enhance ultimate capability within your organization. RiskMP has been designed with team in mind. We've made it easy to share project and risk profiles with colleagues, partners and everyone who has a vested interest in a project.

RiskMP is a communication tool – an ideal vehicle for transferring knowledge, experience and company best practices – streamlining your process.

RiskMP is a planning tool. The software guides you through the identification process in a few simple steps, using wizards and gadgets to help keep the project on path. The guide pulls the user through the risk identification process and the process becomes transparent. Deficiencies are easy to spot – and address.

Go mobile

A project is rarely executed at your desk, so why should the planning be restricted to your office? RiskMP is designed to work efficiently on mobile devices. So whether you're at the office or onsite, RiskMP is always at your fingertips.

Risk Management Workshops

An essential part of project management best practices

There are no courses scheduled at this time. Please check back later or contact us for more information.

RiskMP Software Pricing

Pricing options to meet your budget

Monthly Membership

$19/ mo.

  • 24/7 Access to RiskMP
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

Annual Membership

$129/ yr.

  • 24/7 Access to RiskMP
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects



  • 24/7 Access to RiskMP
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Integration with MS Project
  • Unlimited Projects

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